BFA Student Profile Series: Aurora

Each week we will be featuring a student from our class for our Student Profile Series, where you can get to know more about the person both inside and outside of the classroom.

This week’s featured student is Aurora Adkins. If you’ve seen some of her projects, then you know she can design. If you read the interview below, then you’ll learn that she likes to golf, among other things. But neither her projects nor her interview will show you exactly just how kind a person she is as well.

What has been your favorite BFA project so far?

Monterey Style Guide because it was the first time I truly felt proud of my work.

What is a memorable or favorite project of someone else in the class that isn’t your own?

Hyunjoo’s Library Exhibit on Band-Aids. She had amazing sketches, a beautiful model, and had nice little touches in her process book.

Favorite color:


Favorite typeface:


Favorite artists and/or designers:

Georgia O’Keeffe

What would be your dream job? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

As a project manager or creative director in branding or book design

Interests outside of design:

Painting, photography, golf, skiing

What did you want to be when growing up?

An artist

Favorite animal:

Red panda, because it’s just that cute

5 things that make you happy:

My family, my boyfriend, anything sweet, new adventures, and traveling

Something you want to learn how to do:

Program a website with ease

Top 3 music artists:

Celine Dion, Rihanna, and Colbie Caillat

Favorite cartoon character:


Best or most inspiration performance of any kind that you’ve seen?

Blue Angels Fleet Week Performance


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