BFA Student Profile Series: Francisco

Each week we will be featuring a student from our class for our Student Profile Series, where you can get to know more about the person both inside and outside of the classroom.

When Francisco Govea does something, he tackles it hardcore. Design? Coming up with crazy M.C. Escher-esque letterforms. His ride to school? A skateboard. Exercise? Going on Forrest Gump-type runs, and being the designer that he is, documenting his adventurous route on a map with the brush tool.

What has been your favorite BFA project so far?

All infographic posters but probably like the earthquake poster the best. I enjoy displaying, organizing information, giving function, structure, look, and feel. There’s something about it that gives me a strong sense of accomplishment.

What is a memorable or favorite project of someone else in the class that isn’t your own?

I like many, but the first one that comes strongest to mind is Aurora’s Ansel Adams exhibit model. The deconstruction of the camera elements really stuck on to me and also the color scheme. It was very well presented.

Favorite color:


Favorite typeface:

American Typewriter, Universe, and Garamond. Yea, I chose three 🙂

Favorite artists and/or designers:

Design: James Victore because of his raw style and powerful message, and Neville Brody because of his diversity in type, shape, and color.

Art: M.C. Escher because of his amazing drawing skills, use of mathematics, and illusion. Salvador Dali because of his exceptional surrealist style. Ansel Adams because of his super sharp high contrast photography.

What would be your dream job? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

My dream design job would be working at an ad agency in San Francisco as art director at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, DDB, or BBDO. In ten years I see myself working as an art director somewhere, married, and with kids.

Interests outside of design:

Adventure, biking, playing pool, swimming, camping, doing spontaneous things, God, trying different foods, bar hopping, clubbing, and playing basketball

What did you want to be when growing up?


Favorite animal:

Eagle because they fly very high and overlook the whole world from above.

5 things that make you happy:

Family, girlfriend, friends, being outdoors, and comedy

Something you want to learn how to do:

Besides learning how to be more amazing as a designer, I would want to play a musical instrument; maybe drums or saxophone.

Top 3 music artists:

Dr. Dre, Radiohead, and Daft Punk

Favorite cartoon character:

Ren & Stimpy

Best or most inspiration performance of any kind that you’ve seen?

I was at the arena in San Jose and saw a lady balance on a unicycle by pedaling with one leg. With her other foot she was balancing a stack of bowls. She then tosses the bowls onto her head onto another stack that she was already balancing on her head. She must have done this about ten times! Unbelievable!


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