BFA Student Profile Series: Janelle

Each week we will be featuring a student from our class for our Student Profile Series, where you can get to know more about the person both inside and outside of the classroom.

Janelle Flores is the kind of person who just sort of looks like she’s enjoying life and soaking up as much of it as she possibly can. And while it might be tough for any other avid music lover to narrow down a list of top three music artists (or even a current top three)–actually, nevermind. She doesn’t. In fact, it was hard enough for her to narrow down anything else on the list of questions given.

[sitting down with Janelle for the interview instead of having her fill out responses]

Blog: What has been your favorite BFA project so far?

Janelle: The small library exhibition project on Joseph Eichler because the topic was so close to home. And the Earthquake infographic because I really wanted to show the information other than putting it all on a Cali map. I set that as a goal for myself, and I felt that within the time constraints, I was able to separate out the information pretty well.

Blog: What is a memorable or favorite project of someone else in the class that isn’t your own?

Janelle: A favorite project of another persons would be the group project that we had of the museum, which was Aurora, Stephanie, Brian, and Amanda were on that team. It was a favorite project because it was one of our first projects, so I thought it was really commendable to have that well of a piece put together, and a cohesive design, and I liked all the black. I thought that was pretty cool. I really liked it.

Blog: Favorite color.

Janelle: Oh, I have so many. I would have to say the rainbow. [laughing] No, just joking. Right now it’s neon pink.

Blog: Favorite typeface.

Janelle: I don’t have one.

Blog: You don’t have one?

Janelle: Mm-mm, and I refuse to pick one. I think that’s stupid. [laughs]

Blog: Favorite artists and/or designers.

Janelle: Um, I have so many favorite artists and designers. I would have to say the designer for the Small Stakes. He’s one of my favorites, and I have all his work up in my room framed, so that’s been a favorite since the beginning. And I mean, who wouldn’t like a designer that designs for all your favorite bands? Also, I would have to say Chip Kidd is another one. I saw him speak in Phoenix, and he’s amazing. He’s kind of just done everything, like a superstar of the design community. And he’s now designing like his own comic book, and how cool is that? You know what I mean? To design your own comic book is like insane. There’s so many other people though that I really like. I really like anyone that uses something that I haven’t seen before, or does stuff that I haven’t seen before. Anyone that just rides on the trend at the moment is someone that I wouldn’t call a favorite. [laughs]

Blog: What would be your dream design job? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Janelle: I don’t really know…hopefully something exciting that I never thought would be possible.

Blog: What are your interests outside of design?

Janelle: I like hanging out with my family. I like hanging out with my friends. And I really like going to new places. Oh, I like concerts. Music is a really big interest of mine.

Blog: What did you want to be when growing up?

Janelle: I wanted to be an architect like my dad.

Blog: Favorite animal and why.

Janelle: I would have to say since fourth grade when we had to recreate a rainforest in our classroom, it was the sloth. It really was. I just thought they were so cool, you know. They go up a tree, and then they go down a tree. And they poop in the same area. Every single time. They seriously do. Once a week they go down a tree, and they poo in the same area and just climb back up. They just climb back up. Also, of course, everyone knows I really like unicorns and narwhals because of their nice horns, and who knows their magical powers…no one really knows.

Blog: List any five things that make you happy.

Janelle: Um, music…sour patch kids…coffee…a laugh with a good friend…

Blog: One more.

Janelle: And any well mixed or nice, craft beer. Oh, and the sun!

Blog: That’s six.

Janelle: That’s okay, we can put six. [laughing] Beer and sun can go together.

Blog: Something you want to learn how to do.

Janelle: Screenprinting.

Blog: Top three music artists.

Janelle: Oh, this is so hard…

Blog: I know you have a lot.

Janelle: [thinking] So many to name!

Blog: Top three at the moment.

Janelle: Top three at the moment would have to be Mimosa…Two Door Cinema Club…um, who am I listening to over and over and over again right now? Passion Pit has always been for a while…Empire of the Sun…

Blog: You’re listing more than three…

Janelle: [keeps listing] Radiohead for when you’re really depressed and may want to kill yourself…that’s when you turn on Radiohead. I know, but there are three different categories.

Blog: I didn’t say categories. Top three…you have to narrow it down.

Janelle: No I don’t! [laughing]

Blog: Okay…well then all of those that you just listed.

Janelle: [keeps listing] I’m trying to think. Jack White…I like Jack White right now. He’s doing some really cool stuff. I don’t know, maybe I might have to send that to you in an email in a long list.

Blog: Favorite cartoon character.

Janelle: It would have to be Spongebob Squarepants because I think he’s really funny and humorous. And he wears funny clothes. And he’s a sponge. And he lives underneath the sea. And I have season one on DVD. Oh wait, oh wait! My second favorite cartoon character is Bob from Bob’s Burgers. And his daughter.

Blog: Best or most inspirational performance of any kind that you’ve seen?

Janelle: The STS9 concert…or Empire of the Sun concert because their whole entire set was so trippy, and they had people dancing like dolphins and dressed up like dolphins, and when you were watching it, you thought they really were dolphins. Anyone that can pull that off is inspirational.


One response to “BFA Student Profile Series: Janelle

  1. Your perspective on a well rounded person who happens to also be an artist is a lesson well learned! Going outside of yourself to improve your inner motivation, your inner strenghts and go beyond what is right in front of you is a wonderful message for others! SJSU is fortunate to have students like you who go above and beyond the classroom to excel in their careers…. way to go and congratulations on your upcoming graduation, all the best, Debbie

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