We are the BFA Graphic Design class of 2012 at San José State University. We are comprised of 22 students who are dedicated to our design education.

In December 2012, we will have our senior exhibition show, MAKE SHIFT, that will showcase our work to the public.

Our mission statement for the show is:

Graphic design is an experience that seeks to influence audiences through visual communication. It accomplishes this by utilizing the creative process to fuse form and content.

We will create an exhibition that engages audiences by challenging their preconceptions of graphic design, leaving them with a broader knowledge of its impact.

Please join us for this event. More details on our Facebook event page.

On this blog, we’d like to share with you our projects, events, and information about our 2.5 years in the program.

“The BFA Graphic Design program prepares students seeking intensive professional preparation comparable to that of any other national or international graphic design program, while in addition gaining a general university education. Students wishing to enter the program start by completing a series of core art prerequisites either at San José State University or through the transfer process, followed by a series of introductory graphic design courses. During the introduction process, students must maintain high academic standards while passing through a series of competitive, rigorous portfolio reviews. The process determines which students advance into the highly structured upperclass curriculum, while simultaneously preparing them to meet the demands of a program focused on creating exceptionally talented designers.

The intermediate and advanced portions of the program cover specific areas of study including typography, form and image, and information architecture for traditional print media, as well as interface and interactive design for new media. Students continue to study design methodology and theory while developing presentation, technical, and personal communication skills. The BFA Graphic Design program has both gained from, and contributed to, the development of the Silicon Valley and Bay Area’s status as a major international center of communications and information design. Program graduates compete for placement with the finest national and international talent, and play a significant role in the region’s design profession.”

Graphic Design at SJSU


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